We are a bunch of students enthusiastic about creating websites and developing apps. For the most part we work on our own projects, but we also create custom websites.

VN-RP.eu web



We have our own virtual servers, thanks to which we provide facilities for websites and more demanding services.


We are able to solve the problem in just a few minutes. Just contact us through Messenger.


We are a bunch of students and we are still learning, so we will gladly accept your criticism and correct everything according to your wishes.



Creating web pages in HTML with CSS and dynamic operation thanks to PHP or JavaScript.


We create e-shops and other applications on our own systems and libraries exactly according to customer requirements.


We are not an overpriced corporation, it is not about money but about customer satisfaction. We can behave and listen.



CEO, Programmer

Being a student is a great thing. You still learn something new and if you like and enjoy it, you can be good at it! Exactly according to this sentence I try to work, although not always everything is as we would like. I create web pages using HTML, CSS and backend in PHP. I also take care of marketing issues and communication with regular and new customers.


CEO, Programmer

I'm a student, but that doesn't stop me from working on a variety of projects. As the head of the whole team, I try to maintain a friendly and pleasant spirit in our smaller team. I deal with overall server management, backend programming in PHP, JS and occasionally python. I also teach new programmers in the team and pass on my experience in the field.



I'm not an exception and I'm also a student. However, my interests are slightly different because I am more interested in hardware and computer networks. As far as software is concerned, I am very interested in computer graphics, especially pixel art, which can be found in some of our projects. I only learn to program and I am not quite adept at it yet.



Web & game hosting

The project focuses primarily on web hosting for those who cannot afford quotes at hosting corporations, but can also adapt to special customer needs. Hosting does not have the majority of services for a fee and offers them very cheap nad for fair prices.

Your project

New project

Great project that we would like to work on, or at least be part of it.


If you are interested in our services or have a question, you can contact us using the following methods. The response time for e-mail can be in units of hours, while for Messenger it is within a few minutes.